Universal White Time Healing

Universal White Time Healing was created by highly evolved spiritual beings who saw the need for increased healing for Earth and her inhabitants.  This healing was adapted to fit the needs of humankind.

Healing with Universal White Time is ideal for humanity, animals, nature, situations in life and Earth.  Physical, psychological and emotional problems, along with life situations, can benefit from this healing.

 White Time healing can be done as a hands-on healing technique or long distance.  Some who are familiar with energy work might compare it to Reiki, but it is a different type of healing energy.  There are times when long distance work is preferred.  Examples of this include certain medical conditions; increasing spiritual awareness and psychic abilities; and sending healing ahead of time, such as for a surgical procedure.

My favorite healing story about this energy was for my cat Bojo.  He started life as a feral cat and was still skittish after living with me for several years.   He did not appear to be feeling well and I sent him 2 long distance healing sessions from across the room.  Besides beginning to feel better he turned into a love muffin.  Other people besides me can actually pet him now.  He has big soulful eyes that now look directly at me.   Bojo clears energy in the home and helps to ground us.