Spiritual Response Therepy (SRT)

For People and Animals

I first studied SRT to use as an additional tool to help some of the animals I was connecting with in my work.  Soon I had friends coming to be cleared, and I began to have a clientele of people wanting SRT.

Some of the animals that I connected with had emotional challenges and fears.

A great example of this are our animals coming to us with a prior history, such as those who enter the animal shelters.  Examples of emotional challenges include those such as a fear of abandonment, loud noises, and anxiety.  In today’s economy there is a category of animals referred to as foreclosure animals.  Imagine being left behind in an empty home because your people are unable to take their dear pet for a variety of reasons, often economic.  Of course there are many different scenarios that can contribute to all of the emotional issues an animal may be experiencing.

SRT “is a system of researching the subconscious and soul record to quickly find and release the discordant, limiting ideas and replace them with loving, supportive ideas and beliefs.” – Robert Detzler, SRT founder.  It works on a spiritual level to assist in clearing spiritual, mental, emotional and physical issues.  Since it works at the spiritual level, root causes can be traced back to past lives, issues of the soul in the spiritual realms, and even the creation of the soul.

How does it work?  The SRT system uses a pendulum, a set of charts and specific questions to research and clear the discordant programs in the subconscious mind and soul record.  A program is the root cause of problem issues.

How SRT can help animals are the same as the ways it can help people

  • Clear fears, phobias and traumas
  • Clear programs that are creating the problems
  • Clear a variety of emotional issues
  • Gain freedom from negative patterns that continue to repeat.
  •  Clear the home and property