What is Animal Communication?

Animal communication is the language of the heart and of intuition.  It is a telepathic connection which outwardly appears as silent talk.  This intuitive communication is an exchange of thoughts, feelings, and images.  It is a language, for it is the way that all forms of consciousness communicate with each other, whether we are aware of this or not.

We all have this ability, although we may not have developed it or discovered it.  Perhaps we may have lost touch with it.  Young children can be quite in tune with their intuition, but many shut it down if they receive negative messages from the adults around them.

Some people receive what they call a “gut feeling.”   We have an experience of this when we suddenly just know the solution to a problem, and it works out perfectly.  Perhaps we suddenly know we should drive a different route.  Another example is that we may continually be thinking of someone, and they suddenly call.  These are all aspects of the intuitive.

I always begin my sessions by going into my quiet heart space and making the connection.  First I introduce myself, and explain to the animal  why “I am here”, so to speak.  If the connection is for a client I explain why their person asked me to connect with them.  I never use the term owner, since this does not describe the relationship.  We do not “own” our animals.

The messages I receive come several ways.  Often there are verbal messages, which to me are like a regular conversation.  I also receive images or pictures.  The feelings I receive are those of the animal, and can be emotional or physical.  Other information is simply an intuitive knowing.