Is it possible to transform your relationship with your animal friends to one of increased awe and respect for their wisdom and understanding?  Can you believe in your ability to deepen your connection with them as you learn how they attempt to communicate with you and even help you?  This is how my ability to connect and communicate with these amazing beings has gradually altered my life.  I have found them to be mirrors, healers and teachers who are often here to help us learn lessons.

The common bond that we share is most likely our great love for our animal companions.  Yet sometimes, despite our love and caring for them, issues can arise that require some outside assistance.  Even I, as an experienced animal communicator, have occasionally used the services of another animal intuitive.  That has happened when I have been highly emotionally distraught, and felt unable to get clear or calm enough to get the answers I was seeking.

Behavioral issues with an animal friend can often leave us feeling frazzled, frustrated, helpless and perhaps even angry.  This can be like experiencing a 2 year old having a temper tantrum, and feeling completely unable to even know how to deal with it.  Unusual behavior can be a sign that something is wrong, and they are attempting to get our attention.  When animals act our it is important to first be sure there is not a physical problem.  Often there is an emotional issue, and they are wanting us to understand and help them.

Sometimes an animal is missing, which can happen for quite a variety of reasons.

This can be a challenging issue, particularly if the animal wanted to leave your home or has left their physical body.

The question often arises as to whether or not to bring another animal into the home, and if so, how do we integrate them into their new surroundings.  There are tips that can be helpful in the integration process.

Another challenge poses itself if it is necessary to relocate animals to a new home.  It is important to do so safely, and learn ways to orient them to their new surroundings.

Often we are called on to comfort a sick or injured animal.  The most challenging issue for most animal lovers, including myself, has been dealing with the end of life transition.  This can be a completely sudden death, with no warning.  It can also be a drawn out period of illness, which requires decisions about health care and the eventual possibility of euthanasia.  Our animals always know what they need and want.

On a more upbeat note, I will conclude with sharing with you my love for connecting with animals who have crossed over.  They view death differently than many of us in the cultures of the Western world.  They may choose to come back and rejoin us, or they may want to continue to help us from the other side.  For them there is no death.  That is why it is such a joy for me to connect with these magnificent beings, who often have great wisdom to share.