I have loved animals throughout my life, and have had great empathy for their vulnerable natures.  The desire to work with them in a healing capacity has been an evolving process.   Quite a number of years ago I began a quest to discover my life’s purpose in my work, for I knew that would bring me the passion I was looking for.   All I knew was that I was not living it.

In response to my inquiry, Spirit provided a very profound and emotionally moving experience with a dying animal.  I later learned that this animal had been poisoned.  From the deep anguish of this experience I was led down a journey that opened me to the world of animal communication, sometimes known as an animal intuitive or pet psychic.

It began with an email that just happened to appear on my computer.  When I looked at the website of the person teaching the classes I absolutely knew it was what I wanted to do.  What better place to begin healing work than to have a”conversation” with the client.  My first teacher was Carol Gurney in Agoura Hills, California.

My work background has included counseling, working with addictions, domestic violence and mental health.  Sometimes, connecting with an animal is very similar to a counseling session.  Just like us, they have their own emotions and issues that may need to be addressed.

There are many problems that can be resolved with a simple animal communication session.  At other times there is more involved.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could go to a counselor/therapist/healer and have everything addressed in one session?  With our animal companions it is no different than us.  Additional modalities may be necessary.  These will be described under the “Other Modalities” link.

I feel both blessed and honored to be able to provide this healing work for the animals and their companions