My cat, Bo, developed a habit of chewing electrical cords when he was about 6 months old.  I was worried that he would be seriously injured or killed if he bit through one.  Nothing I tried with training or deterrents was working.  Victoria did distance communication with Bo.  He told her that he felt like we thought he was “the bad cat,” while our other cat, Jazzmin, was “the good cat,” so he was just living up to his reputation.


Victoria talked with Bo about the possible hazards of what he was doing, and told him how worried we were about him.  She also told him there was no “bad cat” or “good cat,” and he agreed to stop chewing cords.  The behavior stopped immediately and has never returned.  Victoria was wonderful to work with, and our household is a much more peaceful place.

S.H. in Phoenix, AZ

I was given Victoria’s name by a trusted counselor to help with an urgent situation between my two dogs.  My 5 year old pit bull, Amber, has been with us since she was 11 months old.  She was always gentle and kind to all.  Even my mother, who normally hates dogs, fell in love with her.  In December,  2011 we rescued a 5 week old female pit bull who did not have a good start in life.  Amber became a “Mom” to 5 week old Alice.  In November of 2012 everything changed when Amber began attacking Alice.  This occurred 7 times, and Alice had 2 surgeries.  I called Victoria in desperation.  She was so kind and concerned for all involved.

After the first “conversation” with Amber we learned how to help her with her anxiety and depression.  We understood how some recent events triggered Amber’s past physical and emotional abuse.  Amber was also diagnosed with an under active thyroid and anxiety, and is now on medication for both.  Victoria also did an SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy) session for Amber, which helped to clear her trauma.  The family followed all of Victoria’s and Amber’s instructions.  I am elated to say Amber and Alice are best friends again.  Victoria had one last “conversation” with both dogs.  Amber expressed being thankful and happy that she was able to let us know how she felt, and what she needed.  Alice is so very happy to have her best friend back.  I cannot thank Victoria enough for helping us.  I love my “girls” so much, and was afraid one of them would have to be removed from our home.  Not now!!

R.W. in Phoenix, AZ


Our cat Laser had taken to marking her territory all over my house.  This included tables, counters, books, and my son’s book bag.  Every morning was another surprise.  Laser is one of three cats in our home, and the oldest of the three.  I assumed it was because of the other cats.

Victoria connected with Laser, and it seems that there were some issues.  They were not with the other cats, but with us!  She wanted to feel special.  She wanted more attention.  She wanted to feel appreciated.  Sounds like some people that I know!

Thanks Victoria.  It has been months since we’ve had any further problem with Queen Laser.

L.D.C. in Scottsdale, AZ



In May of 2007 Victoria connected with my beloved German Shepherd, Jenna.  She was 11 years old, and I knew she was getting closer to the end of her life.  Jenna told Victoria that she knew her body was preparing to leave, and that she was not afraid.  She felt the love of Spirit with her.  She told Victoria to convey to us, my son and me, that I was making the right decision.  She explained that she had received guidance from her angels and an older man, who was my deceased father.   She also affirmed that this had been “the best of homes,” because she had been so loved.  Jenna told Victoria to tell me to celebrate her life.  She showed Victoria photos of herself.  Prior to this “conversation” I had been going through all the photos of Jenna and us over the 11 years we were honored to have her as our protector and friend.  Jenna told Victoria that when it was her time for assistance in crossing that she would put her paw on my arm.  When my son and I were at the vet’s office, sitting on the floor with her and saying our goodbyes, Jenna firmly put her paw on my arm!  I knew then I had made the right decision.

This communication was so comforting and helpful.  I would highly recommend Victoria for anyone who is having issues with their pet.  and especially when it is time for them to leave.  The heartbreak of saying goodbye to our dear sweet animal was softened by having Victoria by our side.

Debbie Catz and Aaron Fisher (Jenna’s “brother”) in Novato, CA


When my 18 year old cat was nearing her physical body’s time to leave, I called Victoria.  I wanted to know all of Puppet’s needs and wishes during this time of transition.  Victoria’s communication with her provided me with very specific details as to what she wanted, and how she wanted things handled.  Victoria told me EXACTLY what sign I’d receive from Puppet when she was ready to depart.

The accuracy was astounding!!!!  Puppet gave me her sign, just as Victoria had described.  As per my angel’s request, our vet came to our home.  Puppet closed her eyes in my arms with her “brother,” my dog Toby, at our side.

As heartbreaking as this was I felt I’d met Puppet’s desires.  I’d been able to do this because of Victoria.  Compassion, understanding, empathy and love are just a few of the qualities that make Victoria an extraordinary communicator.  She continually extends these things to animals and people alike.  She is amazing!!!!

D.H. in Santa Barbara, CA


We adopted Katie from the Humane Society at the age of four, and she had already been through a lot.  She seemed anxious and afraid all the time, and was quite skittish.  What a help it was to have Victoria work with her, reassure her that we would keep her and care well for her.  It was a great relief to find that she liked her new home, her food, and to learn what to avoid to help her.  This included loud noises.  The blend of Bach flower remedies that Victoria recommended for Katie was also a great help.

V.R. in Phoenix, AZ


I recently had to go out of town for a week, and was very concerned about my youngest dog, Bear.  He is very attached to me, and sometimes suffers from separation anxiety.  I asked Victoria to communicate with him, and explain where I was going.  She connected with all three of my dogs, explaining to them that I would be leaving.  She then instructed me on a long distance technique that I could do for Bear while I was away.  In the past, when I would go out of town, Bear would be very despondent.  He would sit by the window the first couple of days, looking for me to come home.  This trip he was fine!!  I came home to a happy and active Bear.  Even my son told me that Bear did not act miserable and listless like he used to do while I was gone.

It is definitely reassuring, and more relaxing, to know that this simple conversation and long distance healing technique can be so helpful.

L.M. in McHenry, IL


Thanks to Victoria for helping with our dogs, Garth (two year old boxer) and Katie (one year old Aussie/Lab pound puppy)!  They are interacting much better since Victoria’s visit.  Katie’s personality is really shining through.  She is not showing a lot of dominant behaviors, does not get so fearful of things, and is not eating and guarding Garth’s dog food anymore.  Garth has become better at letting Katie know when he wants to stop playing, and needs to rest.

Both dogs seem a lot happier within their place in the family.  Victoria’s session with the dogs was a real success, and we truly recommend her services!

E.R. and D.R. in Scottsdale, AZ


Since Victoria’s connection with Charlie he is acting different towards me.  He seems less indifferent, and more loving with me.  Actually, today was the first day in a long time that he rolled over on his back so I could rub his belly.  He is usually not comfortable rolling all the way over.

Ro Rusnock in Scottsdale, AZ


I contacted Victoria when my 13 year old dog Princess became ill.  The vet gave us 4 medications, stating that after 10 days we’d know if this was going to work, or if this was possibly the beginning of her letting go of the body.  I wanted to know what Princess thought, and if she would give me a sign to watch for that would let me know she was ready to cross over.  She said, “I feel like I’m slowing down, but I have an appreciation for life.”  In other words, she still loved and enjoyed being here.  “Mom is great with me, and always has been, even when she’s been frustrated over the years.”

I am happy to say that she is doing quite well at this time.  She does not feel this is the end just yet, and she told me what to watch for.  Princess also told Victoria that she loved how I was with her, comforting her when she lost her puppy many years ago.  She said she wants me to be able to comfort myself like that.  It is something I will try to do.

Linda M. in McHenry, IL



My dog was suffering from anxiety, mostly from visitors and darker images.  When Victoria connected with our dog she discovered that he was confused and insecure about our recent move to a new home.  He was also suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, which resulted from the prior owner kicking and intimidating him.

Since Victoria worked with our dog, he has had less indoor accidents.  I now realize the importance of holding him more to assure him.  He is now more secure in our home.

CF, in Arizona


I met with Victoria for some support with Bear, my 1 1/2 year old Siberian Husky/wolf, about massive barking!  He is the sweetest most lovable pup, but there was a REAL problem when he barked in the middle of the night.  Victoria and I discussed what he was “saying” with his barking.  She was fabulous.  It made so much sense and “so Bear!”  After the communication Bear literally stopped barking that night!  I have highly recommended Victoria to all my friends with four legged “kids.”  Thanks Victoria!  You go girl!  And my neighbors love you!!

Jyl, in Phoenix, AZ



SRT has given me a spiritual foothold, and has helped me release a lot of unexplained challenges in my life.  I recommend it for anyone looking to get “unstuck” from perpetual difficulties.

LL in Phoenix, AZ


I was very fortunate to have had a Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) session with Victoria Ann GLod.  Her dedication, extensive up-to-date training, and passion for this work, is above most in her field.  Victoria is extremely well versed in her knowledge of SRT, and has great compassion for her clients (people and animals as well).  She has such attention to detail, patience, and a kind and gentle manner when she is performing her work.  My session helped me gain insights into some issues that I really needed addressed.  Kudos to you Victoria for you wonderful work!

Kathryn Ann in Scottsdale, AZ



My SRT sessions with Victoria helped me move forward in my life, and open my heart to love.  Because of SRT I am now married, happy, and have moved.  I also have more self-love and self-acceptance.

Autumn Lee-Rodriquez in LasLunas, NM


I have been into metaphysics most of my life, and did not think SRT would surprise me.  However, I was quickly mistaken.  Because of SRT I have experienced a “free-er” lifestyle, in both body and mind.  I had nothing but great things happen in my life.  Victoria told me that I needed to close a door on a former relationship before I could find a soul mate.  Therefore, I took a trip to Colorado, said an official “good bye” to my ex-husband, whom I had not seen for 8 years.  I realized that subconsciously I was hanging on to this relationship, so much so that I did not date for 8 years.  Upon my return, my soul mate walked into my life the following week.

I have experienced MANY positive changes in all areas of my life, including professional and personal.  I have recommended Victoria and SRT to everyone that I know.  They have all told me what a HUGE difference it made in their lives.  Thank you Victoria and SRT,

Dr. Montoya in Phoenix, AZ

I am writing this testimonial because for 24 years I was afraid to “rock the boat” in a very miserable marriage.  Every time I would try to leave my spouse, she would overdose on pills for attention.  She would tell me that afterwards.  When she did this she would throw statements at me that would cause me to feel resentful.  However, I would stay until the next time I wanted out, and the whole circle started again.

SRT helped me realize that my wife’s problems are hers.  Just because I had a contract from a past life does not mean that I have to continue carrying it.  It has given me the power to change things about myself, and have the courage to move on.  Because of this I have met and fallen in love with my soul mate.

Mark M. in Glendale, AZ



Before my SRT session with Victoria I had a pervasive and enduring heaviness in my chest that had plagued me for over 20 years.  Doctors told me years ago that the cause was a mitral valve prolapse in my heart, and that nothing could be done.  The chest pain often worried and frightened me.  During an SRT session some painful family issues of 20 years ago, that I thought were long resolved, came up for healing.  The pain increased during the session, as did my emotional upset.  Victoria calmly and lovingly continued her clearing with SRT.  Then suddenly, about half way through the session, the chest pain lifted, my tears stopped and my lung filled with lightness.  I am delighted to report the heaviness has not returned.  Thank you Victoria!

L.C. in Phoenix, AZ



I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the animal communication class!  It was great to see you and be in your energy.  I love what we learned, and will practice it and see what happens!

Chris in AZ


Do you ever look at your animals and wonder about their thoughts and feelings?  Do you ever question why they behave in a certain way?  After one class with Victoria I learned that our animal friends want to share their thoughts and feelings, if we will only take the time to be open and listen.  I encourage you to suspend your disbelief, and try this class.  Be open, and rejoice in the information you receive.  Your relationship with your animal friends will be enriched.

N. K. in Goodyear, AZ