Animal Magnetism

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What is animal magnetism?   Let us answer that with another question.  Why are we drawn to animals?  Just what is it that often pulls at our heart strings as we watch kittens and puppies playing, or perhaps captivates us as we watch a hawk soaring in the sky.

Many of our wild animals are associated with mythology or mysticism.   The eagle, for example, served as an emblem for the Roman Empire.  Eagle was also a symbol of resurrection in early Christian mysticism.   Snake symbolizes death and rebirth, due to the shedding of its skin.  Those who study nature totems, particularly the animals, will come to a new understanding of how the spiritual is manifesting in their lives.  For those interested in this topic there is much information available.  The work of Ted Andrews is well known for those wanting to explore this area.

However, the main focus of this article is related to our domesticated animals, in particular our dear animal companions that we love in a way that comes from deep within the soul.  For many people, a mere look into the eyes of their beloved animal can stir deep emotions.  Often there is the feeling that they want to speak to us.  Their soulful eyes can cause one to wonder what wisdom lies within, and indeed there is more truth to that than some might think.

There is an innocence about them, akin to that of a baby or a young child, that can elicit our urge to nurture and to be caretakers.  Yet perhaps the most magnetic appeal of these sentient beings is their capacity for unconditional love.  On our worst days, when we might be grouchy, irritable, impatient and perhaps even screaming, they are there for us.  It is their capacity for unconditional love that is the gift they bring to the world.  It does not matter to them whether we are rich or poor, or  live in a mansion or our car.  They do not judge us as the world often does.

Their exuberance and delight in the little things of life can teach us those same qualities.  In watching them run and play, sleep in the sun, and delight in the smells of nature we are reminded of being present to the simple joys of life.  Perhaps, behind those eyes of innocence and wisdom, we might hear their message to us:  Love unconditionally, slow down and enjoy the moments, forgive and forget, and for gosh sakes, don’t forget to play!!

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